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September 21, 2009

Segmenting Publics for Save-A-Life, Inc

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Save-A-Life, Inc

In order to segment the public correctly for Save-A-Life, Inc, one must understand what Save-A-Life, Inc is about. Save-A-Life, Inc. is an all volunteer non-profit animal welfare organization. It was created to prevent overpopulation of companion animals through low cost spaying and neutering. Save-A-Life, Inc. took the leadership role in the Savannah area for this overpopulation problem by selling spay and neuter vouchers that are accepted by numerous vets throughout the Savannah and surrounding areas. Save-A-Life also provides foster care, necessary medical treatment for foster animals, and a placement assistant program to find the homeless animals a companion for a lifetime.

Segmenting for Save-A-Life can be done by demographics which refer to facts such as age, gender, race, family size, income, education, occupation, and geographic information. Almost all of these facts represent the target public for Save-A-Life. People of all ages, males and females, family sizes, incomes, etc… can be targeted by Save-A-Life. Pet owners are obviously who needs to be targeted, and there can be no dominant characteristic when trying to know the demographics of Save-A-Life’s target except the fact that Save-A-Life is dedicated to Savannah and the surrounding areas.

Some psychographics, which refer to personality and other psychological characteristics, can be illustrated for Save-A-Life’s target public. Since Save-A-Life is a non-profit organization for animals, the target is animal lovers and/ or pet owners. The typical psychographic for the animal lover and pet owner are loving and caring, sometimes single or widowed because they are lonely.

Sociographics refer to the groups that public members belong to, as well as other sociological characteristics. There are those animal lovers that just need unconditional loyalty and affection. That kind of loyalty cannot usually be found in human friends. They are those people that love animals because they see the innocence about them which is immediately appealing to almost everyone. Those types of animal lovers like the fact that animals do not have the minds to discriminate. They love their owners no matter who they are, what they do, or how they act.

My brochure design for Save-A-Life will be impacted by the target public because I am going to need to use certain design elements when it comes to creating it. The brochure needs to have a emotional feel, making people feel sympathy for the animals. It will have quotes and shocking statistics that can often be found in the ASPCA advertisements which feature Sarah McLauchlan. Those commercials brought in the most donations ever seen by a non-profit organization. Using emotional appeals is a great method for many non-profit organizations to use when designing brochures, ads, etc…




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