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November 30, 2009

PUBS Brochure for Save-A-Life, Inc.

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While making my brochure for Save-A-Life, Inc. of Savannah, GA, I kept in mind the brochure basics that I learned in my Publications class from the professor. She taught us the necessities and process for making a brochure and what should go in it. The following information is what I kept in mind while designing my brochure:

According to The American Heritage Dictionary, a brochure is “a small booklet or pamphlet, often containing promotional material or product information.”

I would like to correct the American Heritage Dictionary.

For one thing, brochures aren’t always small. Sometimes they’re quite large. As for brochure contents, they vary greatly depending on the situation. A brochure definitely can be more than a pamphlet or small booklet, coming in all shapes, sizes and a range of folds.

What exactly does a brochure do? Here are some basic principles that a brochure may need (depending upon business or organization):

  • Provide product and service information
  • Provide news about product, situation, company & industry
  • Build company identity
  • Educate Prospects and customers
  • What are you trying to accomplish with your brochure? Once you decide your brochure’s objectives, then you are ready to begin putting it together.

Although a brochure can do a lot, try to keep it simple. Consider the format, page size and how the brochure will fold. Decide on visuals, fonts, colors, paper stock and other design characteristics. As for copy, put a strong headline on the cover. Capture the right tone, and make sure copy has a logical flow. As a rule, keep sections short, incorporating plenty of subheads.



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